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Welcome to the CreateAskate's Online Students Test

Answer the questions below based upon the information you’ve received from your instructor, the video presentation, and any other information presented during the CreaeAskate.org program you’ve now completed:

Yes I have officially finished the class portion of the CreateASkate program. I am now ready to take the online test.

Note: This test requires a 100% perfect score before you can move on to the download phase for your Completion Certificate. You will be permitted to take the test as many times as necessary until you achieve a perfect score

1. What type of wood is most commonly used in the manufacture of skateboards?
A. Pine
B. Red Oak
C. White Oak
D. Hard Maple

2. Where do the trees grow that are used in skateboards?
A. Rainforest
B. Rocky Mountains
C. Great Lakes Region
D. Mississippi Valley

3. Typically, how old are the trees when harvested for skateboard use?
A. 10- to 20 years
B. 20 – 40 years
C. 40 – 60 years
D. 60 – 80 years

4. In the video production Ryan Sheckler ollies off a handrail onto a force plate. How many times his body weight was the force when he landed on the force plate?
A. 3 – 4 times his body weight
B. 2 – 12 1/2 times his body weight
C. 5 – 10 times his body weight
D. 4 – 8 times his body weight

5. Not bending your knees when ‘landing’ a skateboard trick can result in…?
A. A damaged skateboard and a damaged body
B. Flat spots on your skateboard wheels
C. Loose change spilling from your pockets
D. Disappointment and confusion

6. How many plies (layers) of wood are in a typical skateboard?
A. 4 plies
B. 7 plies
C. 9 plies
D. 5 plies

7. Why is a ‘sealer’ coat applied to skateboards?
A. Make the skateboard go faster
B. Prevent moisture from soaking into the skateboard
C. Used as a base for designs and stickers
D. Create a sheen to impress friends and influence people

8. What is a skateboard’s wheelbase?
A. The distance between the wheels and the rails
B. The size of the wheels
C. The distance between the center truck holes at the nose and tail
D. The distance from the wheel to the deck

9. When comparing shorter wheelbases to longer wheelbases, the shorter wheelbase will turn___________ than a longer wheelbase.
A. Slower
B. Wider
C. Quicker
D. Later

10. What are the numbers for the different grits of sandpaper used in the CreateAskate.org program?
A. 20, 40, 75, 100
B. 10, 20, 30, 40
C. 60, 120, 180, 220
D. 100, 200, 300, 400

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