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Does making a CreateAskate.org skateboard deck change a student’s life?

Could making a skateboard deck really change a student’s life? Perhaps. The educational opportunities are certainly ‘inclusive.’ That is, although adolescents might sense a skateboard as ‘theirs’—that it belongs only to their generation, the fact is today’s skateboards are the result of high-tech manufacturing and design processes relying upon sophisticated technology utilizing sciences and mathematics that can be readily understood by middle and high school-level students.

Each student can achieve success in the CreateAskate.org program. They can create something relevant to their life, and they discover its connection to their entire learning experience, to school, and to their other areas of study.

A sense of discovery emerges from the CreateAskate.org project—this icon of youth culture has value far beyond its actual use. It represents so much more than just what it is, and this discovery can then be applied to other aspects of each student’s life.

“I remember making a napkin-holder in my woodshop class at school and thinking, ‘What am I going to do with this?’”
Professional Skateboarder, Frankie Hill

The CreateAskate.org program provides opportunities for students they may not be able to realize with any other project.

“Jordan has always enjoyed making things...building with wood; he always seems to have something he’s working on, but this...this skateboard project, it just sent him over the top. It just clicked, for him. Now he wants to make a new bookshelf for his room, and he’s talking about making a new dining room table for us. He seems to have discovered how everything is made; he’s looking at everything differently, now. He’s analyzing everything and figuring out how he can build it...it’s been an amazing transformation, because all of this enthusiasm has carried over to the rest of what he’s doing at school. He seems to see how it’s all connected, now.”
Parent, Steve Milam, Santa Barbara, CA


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