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Students Qs
1 How much does it cost
2 Who pays for my deck
3 Are all decks the same
4 Are decks good enough to skate
5 Can I just buy a deck blank
6 Are shapes the same if I'm in art class
7 Can I get my deck for free
8 How do I get my school information on CAS
9 How do I raise money for my deck
10 How do I get my skateboard home from school
11 Where can I get the rest of the items for a complete deck
12 Who is program available for
13 What will I learn
14 My school doesn't have art of wood shop classes
15 How do I order my certificate of completion

Students As
1 The cost is $15
2 Students pay to participate in program
3 For Woodshop program there are 2 size blanks based on height of student.
For Art Class there are 2 sizes of pre-cut skateboard decks based on height of student
4 Yes all blanks are structurally sound to skate if you wish
5 No, only teachers or school administrators can order decks for this program
6 See answer #3
7 No deck is available for free
8 Guide school personnel to website www.Createaskate.org by supplying them with the address or email them by clicking on TELL A FRIEND banner available on several pages within website.
9 You can do School fundraising, recycle cans/paper etc, or come up with your own creative ways to raise money. Work for it.
10 The blank deck is considered a woodshop project and isnt considered a true skateboard until it is rideable. Check with your school policy and transportation rules regarding items you can take on buses. Ex. The deck is no different than a violin as far as items that get transported.
11 Skateboard shops have all the tools and other items you would need to complete your skateboard deck.
12 This program is available to students (both male and female) that participate in woodshop or art classes.
13 You will learn and apply subject matter that incorporates Math, Science, Design, Vocabulary, Engineering and Manufacturing as well as the sense of accomplishment of creating something with your own two hands.
14 Download a petition form and get students, parents to sign stating you want the program in your school. Students can take to administrator at schools and Parents can take petitions to PTA meetings and push for it there as well.
Never give up and always steer them to the website so they can see the value of having it in your school.
15 Go to ABOUT SECTION then R-U-A Student page and click on CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION button and follow instructions


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