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If You are a Parent...

Parents are Essential for CreateAskate.org’s Program Success

Parents of middle and high school aged students can play an essential role in helping CreateAskate.org’s programs become part of their child’s school experience.

Because CreateAskate.org’s program is so much more than just building a skateboard deck, parents of students completing the program have been amazed to see their child’s interest and enthusiasm spread to other areas of their school work. The CreateAskate.org curriculum allows to students to work at their own pace, develop specific skills, collaborate with fellow students, all the while creating a ‘thing’ totally relevant their culture, to their age group.

CreateAskate.org’s unique hands-on experience empowers each student to discover, create, and produce some ‘thing’ that is real, of the highest quality, and ultimately an object they can choose to treasure, or use. It’s their ‘thing,’ and it’s their decision as to what they do with this ‘thing’ they’ve created.

CreateAskate.org’s directors have been involved with education and youth culture for decades. The result of their experience is a program meticulously designed to impress upon each student the importance of what they’re learning and how their school and related experiences can be applied to their real world experiences in their future. CreateAskate.org’s program can validate each student’s school-based learning experience with a completely relevant project.

CreateAskate.org’s founder, Paul Schmitt, says, “My goal has been to show kids they can accomplish great things in life if they’re willing to work hard enough for it. I think this program is an example of that philosophy.” Professor Schmitt’s confidence emerges from CreateAskate.org’s program, which virtually assures each student of successfully creating a high-quality product. The guesswork has been eliminated through decades of manufacturing experience, so each student begins their work with the highest quality ‘blank.’ As each student applies the CreateAskate.org lessons and activities they progress toward successfully completing their own personal creation; their own personal skateboard deck.

Each CreateAskate.org’s Media and Instruction Kit provides teachers and students a step-by-step path to success. The video presentations and web-based instructions provide information incorporating mathematics, science, ecology, design, vocabulary, engineering, and manufacturing, all in a hands-on practical experience.

Parents are encouraged to help their child creatively figure out ways to raise the $15 CreateAskate.org participation fee through activities around the house or through tasks at school with their classmates. Additionally, parents may be able to help convince school officials that the CreateAskate.org program could have benefits for their children and their children’s classmates.




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