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If You are a School Administrator...

CreateAskate.org is proud to offer your school’s woodworking and art class students a unique opportunity to participate in a program developed and designed to enhance their overall school experience.

“Relevance” seems to be a current ‘buzz word’ as schools seek projects and activities for middle and high school aged students. What could be more ‘relevant’ for today’s adolescents than making a skateboard? How about a program that gives students that opportunity, while providing real time applications of information from their other areas of study!

CreateAskate.org’s program is so much more than just making a skateboard deck. This unique hands-on experience incorporates virtually every aspect of each student’s studies at school: Mathematics, language development, sciences, engineering, manufacturing and creativity are all part of CreateAskate.org’s lesson plans.

School administrations will likely find themselves responsible for:
1. Fostering interest by informing and directing teachers and staff to CreateAskate.org for information and lesson plans.
2. Surveying students, teachers, and parents to determine interest in CreateAskate.org’s program.
3. Coordinate and administrate collection and payment of CreateAskate.org’s $15/student participation fee.
4. Help organize or coordinate fundraising projects, recycling campaigns, or other activities to help offset participation fees.
5. Coordinate and administrate scheduling with teachers and ordering and distribution of CreateAskate.org supplies and materials.
6. Coordinate presentation of CreateAskate.org Certificates of Completion.
7. Foster appreciation from students, teachers, and parents at completion of program.




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